Thank you for investing your time to explore my campaign. Nebraska is an incredible place to live and raise a family. The genuine kindness, generosity, and unity of people who live here is unmatched across the nation. All Nebraskans deserve to have a strong confident leader. A leader who is not afraid to honestly address our current challenges, but also have the vision to foresee future challenges to maintain “The Good Life” for all Nebraskans.

We have deep traditions as Nebraskans. We have strong values, beliefs and commitment to faith, family, and our communities.

I value our freedoms and rights as Nebraskans and US Citizens and support all our rights, including our right to keep and bear arms. I will stand with law enforcement to protect us, but also hold law enforcement to the highest standards in consistency in policing. I will continue to support the protection of our US borders and embrace legal immigration to our Country and State.

I will work tirelessly to bring additional business and industry to the State, creating well-paying jobs for Nebraskans, attracting new residents to the State, and broadening our tax base, which will help all of us.

The education system needs changes, which allow parents to have a voice in what our children are taught by educators. Our children need to graduate with skills to help them be better prepared for the workforce if they choose not to pursue higher education. 

Life can be difficult sometimes and we all struggle. One lesson I learned growing up is the value of working hard. If you want more, you work more and you do not quit until the job is complete. These are the values I see in Nebraskans, and it is a value that each one of us need to embrace. I will always give people a hand up, but government hand-outs only serve to steal the pride, dignity and personal honor of people.

If you slumber too long in the comfort of the American Dream, you will awaken to find all that you love gone.

Very Truly Yours,

Lela L McNinch

A Commitment to Excellence




A planning meeting was held each day as part of the Incident Command system to develop plans for the next day. The meeting includes planning and operations chiefs who work on the Nebraska Action Plan for H1N1. Clockwise from lower left are: Bonnie Engel, Russ Wren, Lela McNinch (Dept. of Education), Tom Rauner, Jackie Miller, Chris Newlon and Sue Medinger.

Emergency Management...It’s Not Like Life in the Movies was the theme of the 2010 Nebraska Association of Emergency Management (NAEM) annual conference April 16-18 at the Kearney Ramada.

Administrators' Days
Turning Challenges into Student Success