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Education should be apolitical. 

The most important thing we can do as educators is to teach all children, and all students the beauty and greatness of each individual. 

Celebrate our uniqueness, similarities and differences, serving to lift one another up to greatness, rather than to shame, belittle or ostracize one another based on circumstances to which we were born.

Allow children their innocence in their youth and support their dreams and creativity as they blossom into adults, whatever that may look like.  We need to provide examples of the successes of all people, colors, cultures, race and religion and encourage our children to find greatness and confidence in themselves being exactly who they are.

No one should be shamed by events of the past, rather we need to learn from the mistakes made towards humanity, never forgetting, in order to assure those atrocities never happen again.  

Enlightening children to the success, value and importance of every human being will help to elevate children to discover who they are and celebrate their individuality. Prepare our children for the workforce or higher education by teaching love, kindness and unity and acceptance because we are greater together. 

Every student in Nebraska needs to have access to equitable, quality world-class education including access to online learning. Equal funding per student regardless of locality is essential. Educating our children is one of the most important tasks in our State and sadly, educators remain under paid. Attracting and keeping high quality Educators begins with raising teacher pay.

Expanding pre-k, early childhood education programs to every four-year-old in Nebraska will allow for redesigning the education experience of our students.

Earlier childhood education will open opportunities for exploration of career readiness with investments in career and technical trade training and allow internship and apprenticeship opportunities into curricula.

I will push for change in education, Pre-K through Higher Education. I believe that State Board of Education members should be equally represented Democrat and Republican. All proposals and standards to meet accreditation requirements must have representation by both parties in Nebraska. New education proposals must have checks and balance with Legislative approval before passed. 

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