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Nebraska is an agricultural State and the continued support of our farmers, ranchers and the thousands of jobs they provide throughout the State is paramount to the success of Nebraska. One out of every four jobs in Nebraska are ag related. Our farmers and ranchers have unfairly had to shoulder the burden of taxes on their lands to support the State.  The rising cost of input in order to maintain productive crop yields have tripled while the profits from sales of products continues to dwindle and the cost is only expected in increase in the coming year. This is not sustainable. Nebraska agriculture products constitute 20 percent of our economy. Introducing new commodities to the State will create more jobs, businesses and a high cash product.

Nebraska farm and ranch land needs to stay in the hands of Nebraskans and not that of the Federal Government. Nebraskans are fully capable of identifying, protecting and setting aside land for environmental issues without the input from government overreach from DC.   The pure Nebraska beef, poultry, pork and grain products help sustain Nebraskans, the Nation, and the world with healthy, nutritious, real food as well as reductions in fuel costs through our ethanol plants. Nebraska provides food for Nebraskans and the world.