Pregnant Belly


Personally, I am PRO-LIFE!

I oppose using any taxpayer money to support the funding of organizations that commit abortions. I support adoption and helping mothers and families in crisis.

Abortion should not be used as a method of birth control.

Careful consideration should be taken for situations of rape to assist a woman or girl the physical, emotional and trauma she endured. 

As a woman I understands the sacrifices we make to our bodies and our careers when we decide to have a child. For my husband and me, we believe our children are our legacies and future, the insurance that our beliefs and values live on through them. I personally believe that children are gifts from GOD who give us love and laughter, tears, and fear, but most importantly hope for remarkable things and an even better future. I encourage all women to overcome their fears and have the strength to withstand the judgements of society of being a single parent or having multiple children and give our babies a chance.

I believe women need to consider the possibility that this child may well be the key to a better future for you and the world. If abortion remains legal, allowing a woman not to rush to meet a deadline, will allow women and families an opportunity receive education, and training in order to learn about resources, support and information regarding adoption, in order to make a clear, well-informed decision. 

Newborn Baby