The pandemic has had an obvious impact in Nebraska with job loss, loss of education, economic loss, and worst of all loss of deeply loved family members and friends.

Nebraskans understand the risks and consequences associated with Covid-19 as well as risks and consequences associated with any vaccine or medication. Based on this knowledge everyone currently decides which medications or vaccines they will use, if they use any at all.

The Covid-19 vaccine should be no different in allowing citizen the rights to choose what they put in their body.

Nebraskans have watched friends and family suffer the covid virus and have watched loved ones succumb to the virus. Others have watched loved ones suffer from side effects of the vaccines.

I believe that God has given us free-will, beyond any rights or laws permitted by man. Everyone has the right to choose medications, the best path for their health and wellness based on their own knowledge, religious beliefs, or personal preferences. 

I believe vaccine mandates from State or Federal Governments are government overreach and abuse of power with the forcing of their will on the people.

I will continue to stand against vaccine mandates. 

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Mental Health/Suicide

I am truly passionate about both issues, as it is one that impacts so many people across Nebraska. Keeping Nebraskans safe and healthy will always remain a priority.

Sadly, suicide is the second leading cause of death for Nebraska Youth, and overall Nebraska's suicide rate is above the national average. 

I believe we need to work harder at removing the stigmas associated to mental health and depression and encourage people to discuss the challenges and feel free to ask for help without condemnation or shame.