A crazy prison inmate strangles a black warden through the bars of a maximum security pris





If you are wondering where so much of our taxpayer money is going, look no further than the incarceration of inmates in our local, county and State correctional institutions. Rather than building more prisons across the State to repair all the broken adults, we need to focus on educating and building our children to be successful, confident, responsible productive members of our communities and State.

I am proud to support and push for change throughout the prison systems. This is a profound threat to the safety of all Nebraskans and visitors. Prisons should be a place that discourages people from committing new crimes. 

Aquariums, i-pods, and gaming stations have no place in prison and only serve to create a relaxing time for a break from the responsibilities of society. 

I will address this issue head on, and rally the support needed to make the proper change.

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Security Guard with Dog


I will continue to support our law enforcement officers and first responders across the State to help provide safe communities and a safe Nebraska.

We are a Nation of laws and a State of laws written by the people, voted on by the people and followed by the law-abiding people of Nebraska and the visitors to our State. Our responders put their lives at risk for us every day working to keep citizens safe.

We hold law enforcement to a higher standard and stricter code of accountability for their actions both on and off duty. Their commitment and responsibilities deserve our respect and support. Consistency in policing and enforcement will work to promote equality. Without these brave women and men, we would become a lawless State filled with more crime and brutality.

Defunding the police in any form is a recipe for chaos and a pathway to destruction.

I believe that enforcement of laws should be firm, fair and consistent.