Polarization, isolation, anxiety, low self-esteem, disorientation from reality, and even violence against self or others



Over the past two years the Nation has been shaken by civil unrest, contentious words and actions towards family, friends and neighbors. We have lost friends and loved ones to violence by Antifa activists, by hostile individuals who hi-jacked the BLM marches and protests or closed-minded individuals who rage against the LGBTQ community or a race other than their own. There are issues of vaccines, of abortion and the sovereignty  of our rights as individuals.  It seems as though we have lost sight of who we are as Nebraskans.

Focusing on what we have in common, how we help one another and our similar values is the first step in reuniting us.  Sadly the advancement in technology has surpassed our cognitive growth and the social platforms serve as the basis for hostility, contempt and violence.

For a Better Future