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The Stakes are High 

Our nation and its future are at a tipping point with the swarm of undocumented immigrants flooding into our country daily due to the unenforced immigration policies.

Two years ago, I spent three months on our southern border to monitor and witness first had the issues and crisis taking place and the care and treatment of people detained.

Each day I watched and recorded dozens, and sometimes hundreds of undocumented immigrants crossing the river into our country. I watched Border Patrol search vehicles and confiscate drugs coming into our country and bundles of cash exiting from those drug sales.

Families and villages would enter the US then simply wait for Border Patrol to pick them up and take them to the US shelters in hopes to enter the country. I sympathize with the families, children, and adults from all the failed countries.  I empathize with those who have seen their country devastated, their homes destroyed, their fellow citizens murdered. I watched family’s risk everything, up to and including their lives to come into the US for a better life.

The roll of our leadership is to maintain our peace and make certain the security of our people within our own borders the country. The lawlessness, crime, greed, and desperation of other countries should not become the burden of law-abiding citizens of the USA.

Failure to address the problem on our border directly effects our entire nation. The swarm of unregulated immigration directly effects Nebraska in healthcare, safety, law enforcement, education, and jobs. The State’s current infrastructure and resources simply cannot support the lack of regulation. I support a secure border and protecting our nation from continued invasion.

There are thousands of undocumented immigrants in Nebraska. We need to identify who is hiring them, and implement hefty fines for forced labor, and jail sentences for indentured servitude or sex trafficking.

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The Stakes are High

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The Stakes are High


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